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Supply Chain

Reduce risk, restore
supply chain resilience.

Meet your regulatory needs and gain comprehensive insights on supply chain risk, deforestation & resilience.

Treefera's data management platform leverages AI to provide a transparent, auditable, and end-to-end chain of custody solution. The platform's continuous monitoring and risk evaluations instil confidence, delivering assurance that supply chains are rigorously scrutinized and comply with international regulatory requirements.

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Use Case

Elevating supply chain assurance 


Managing a global supply chain has never been more challenging. For example, almond crop yield has decreased by 41% in the last two years alone as a direct result of changes in microclimates from deforestation. The regulatory environment is changing too. Governments, clients, and citizens are increasingly demanding proof of commodity sourcing and its life cycle to ensure cultivation, harvesting, transportation, and processing adhere to the respective legislation.


Treefera’s data management platform enhances workflows through continuous monitoring to enable accurate risk evaluation and unrivalled assurance. Tailored dashboard features and operational reports offer real-time insights into supply chain anomalies and deforestation risk, providing companies and stakeholders with confidence they are adhering to EUDR regulations. Supported by rigorous data, proof points can be accessed across the whole chain of custody.


Commodity provenance

Supply chain deforestation risk management

Supply chain resilience

Regulatory compliance

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Continuous data. Constant assurance.

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