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Mitigate risk, restore trust.

Maximize your insurable market whilst mitigating the risk of over-crediting in the carbon market.

For underwriters insuring against loss of carbon credits and other land assets, Treefera provides an AI-powered data platform to analyze tree data and conservation efforts. With accurate insights readily available through clear, discoverable and trustworthy data products, you can make well-informed decisions that mitigate risks.

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Use Case

Mitigating risk on insurance products in the carbon credit market


Insurance underwriters who are insuring against loss of carbon credits need to understand and price the risk. However, it is incredibly hard to get the right data to set a price for the premium with confidence.


By using Treefera's AI-powered tree data and conservation platform, insurance underwriters can access an independent, easy-to-use, discoverable, and trustworthy data source.

The data products validate the carbon credit issued and provide insights on risks such as over-crediting, reversal (fire, deforestation, disease), and politics. The product can also forecast possible outcomes and scenarios on a project, site and larger-scale land mass. All these insights can be incorporated into the underwriter's decision strategies.


Optimized Buffer Pool

Minimized Risk Exposure

Credible Compliance & Reporting

Positive Environmental Impact

Increased Profitability

Market Leadership

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Our technology advances environmental stewardship, fosters credibility, and positions the insurer as a frontrunner in the dynamic and rapidly evolving carbon market landscape.

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