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Financial Services

Manage risk, make clear decisions.

Treefera’s AI-enabled data management platform provides assurance for the financial services industry when evaluating carbon removal assets

Treefera’s ground-breaking platform integrates AI-enabled technology and analytics to provide solutions for nature-based asset risk management and auditing, enabling informed decision-making processes across all financial services sectors.

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Use Case

Technology solving complex financial challenges


The lack of detailed, transparent data and critical analysis on carbon removal assets presents challenges for financial services and their clients. Additionally, difficulties in integrating this intelligence from multiple sources and systems lead to doubts about the reliability of financial products and risk models.


Treefera’s AI-enabled data management platform can seamlessly integrate into existing systems. It streamlines operations and provides advanced risk assessment tools, leading to precise risk mitigation strategies. Leveraging advanced analytics and predictive modelling to assess risks accurately, it provides detailed analysis of deforestation in commodity supply chains and an independent assessment of carbon removal assets.


Continuous risk management & auditing

Precise decision making

Streamlined assurance process

Investor & client trust

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Carbon insights. Captured.

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