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Carbon Removal

Restore trust and transparency in carbon projects and processes.

Treefera's AI-powered solution provides comprehensive data on forestry solutions for land owners, project developers, registries, insurers and, biochar producers.

Treefera’s AI-enabled data management platform delivers comprehensive insights on nature-based solutions. Unique functionality, including dynamic baselining and control views of biochar operations, empowers confident assessment of carbon offsets to enable well-informed decisions that mitigate risks and maximize impact.

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Use Case

Elevating carbon credit assurance 


By conventional methods, verifying the credibility of significant carbon offset projects is time-consuming and fraught with uncertainties.

Still today, the lack of discoverable, understandable and trustworthy data poses issues. Concerns about overpriced and unreliable credits are further complicated by the intricate process of verifying credit existence and legitimacy. Ensuring the credibility and reliability of purchased carbon offsets is paramount.


Treefera's innovative platform delivers a comprehensive dataset and detailed mapping of your land, enriched with historical information and in-depth analysis of tree species, biomass, and height, all powered by AI technology. The platform empowers landowners and project developers to make informed decisions and unlock their land's true value to confidently navigate the complexities of sustainable land management and carbon markets.

Use Case

A game changer for the biochar industry


The biochar industry faces challenges surrounding the provenance and accuracy of data for biomass harvest sites. Currently, assessment processes to evaluate local and regional comparisons are slow and cumbersome. The science around this emerging industry also presents challenges regarding the impact and benefits of biochar technology, its impact on soil-plant systems, the effect on the Earth’s climate system and variability in compositing operations.


Treefera’s AI-enabled data management platform operates independently, providing a transparent and auditable end-to-end chain of custody solution. Continuous monitoring, risk evaluation and assurance can provide companies and stakeholders with confidence.

Biomass stock and carbon levels are assessed over time and within each project. Granular analysis even highlights which individual trees should be harvested. Continuous AI auditing flags anomalies in results from the operation, biomass output and loading data to ensure integrity, independence and control in the production process.


Precise forest site monitoring

Accelerated carbon credits confirmation

Adherence to evolving registry standards and legislation

Accurate and trustworthy credit pricing based on valuable data

Enhanced integrity of biochar production

An auditable end-to-end chain of custody solution

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Make Impact Clear.

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