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Treefera Secures $2.2M to Revolutionize Carbon Offsetting through AI-Driven Transparency

13th September
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After a year of hard work behind the scenes, we are delighted to announce that the Treefera platform is now live and that we have raised a $2.2m pre-seed round from a group of incredible investors. Treefera is already being embraced by inaugural client partners across finance, insurance, and sustainability, and this capital will be used to take our impact to new heights.

Treefera is transforming the way the world approaches forest data and conservation, to create a clear future for the carbon market and the planet.

Our platform leverages cutting-edge AI algorithms and an unprecedented repository of data mapping trees globally. This offers a groundbreaking approach to tackling the challenges of carbon offsetting and conservation. As a result, we believe Treefera is poised to transform the accuracy, transparency, and efficiency of the carbon offset industry.

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Available today, Treefera’s platform expedites the complex process of measuring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) carbon credits; a process that traditionally is a huge friction point and can take months to complete. Treefera delivers insights immediately. This is achieved through a combination of deep learning models and novel AI search techniques, making ours the first platform to unlock this level of granularity at scale.

For our clients - such as assurers, insurers, traders and landowners - the platform covers jurisdictions (countries and large regions) and nearly 200 registered forest projects whilst integrating easily with client analytics environments through an API.

This near-time visibility includes being able to deliver highly detailed insights on forests (such as tree health and carbon sequestration) and other important “reversal risks” (such as fire, flood and drought). 

We believe this will transform the accuracy with which carbon credits are priced, boosting the global offset market at a critical time for the planet.

Reece Chowdhry, Founding Partner at Concept Ventures, believes the Treefera platform addresses one of the dominant environmental issues of our time:“Treefera’s innovation not only contributes to the fight against climate change but also offers businesses, governments, and landowners a compelling commercial opportunity. With Treefera, trust and accuracy are injected into carbon offset projects, positioning tree conservation as the smart and essential choice.”

We are excited for Treefera’s next chapter. As climate change intensifies, Treefera stands poised to reshape the carbon offset landscape by offering innovative, data-driven Al-powered solutions that bridge the gap between good intentions and tangible impact.

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