ocean and forest

Bioenergy & Biofuels

A supply chain with integrity.

Demonstrate compliant practices from harvesting of crops and biomass through to production processes and delivery.

Treefera's data management platform leverages AI to provide a transparent, auditable, and end-to-end chain of custody solution for bioenergy and biofuels industries. Continuous monitoring and risk evaluations offer unparalleled assurance and enable enhanced compliance with international regulatory requirements.

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Use Case

A high integrity chain of custody


Current processes for scrutinizing biomass and crop harvests are incomplete and lack independence and substantiation. Demonstrating a high-integrity chain of custody is crucial for business—without this, companies risk negative impacts on share price, investment, and cost of capital. Sites need accurate and cost-effective remote monitoring solutions to prove trustworthy provenance at source.


The Treefera differentiator is the integration of satellite and drone data with ground truth, coupled with AI-auditing and anomaly detection, to give a comprehensive and independent view at speed and scale. This provides unrivalled supply chain assurance for all parties and significantly reduces risk for biomass and harvesting.


Comprehensive control view

Complete set of operational reports

Precise visualisations & analytics

Continuous AI auditing

Detailed & independent assessment

overhead of trees

Reduce risk. Restore trust.

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