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Elevate your carbon credit assurance strategy with Treefera's AI-powered solution.

With our precise data, you can confidently assess and assure the existence and legitimacy of carbon offsets. Whether you're evaluating carbon credits for compliance or safeguarding your organization's credibility, Treefera empowers you to navigate the landscape of assurance with accuracy and impact. Embrace a future of trust.

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Elevating Carbon Credit Assurance


In the past, verifying the credibility of significant carbon offset projects by a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) was time-consuming and fraught with uncertainties.

Still today, the lack of transparent and trustworthy data poses issues. Concerns about overpriced and unreliable credits are further complicated by the intricate process of verifying credit existence and legitimacy.

For us, ensuring the credibility and reliability of purchased carbon offsets is paramount.


With our platform, a CSO unlocks invaluable insights, allowing a thorough analysis of a carbon offset project. The platform provides the project's historical performance, offering insights into biomass trends, tree health, fire risk, and weather conditions spanning two decades. Furthermore, the CSO can meticulously evaluate potential risks linked to the carbon credits.

Armed with this accurate and transparent information, the CSO seamlessly assures the legitimacy of the carbon credits to the organization's stakeholders. This fosters trust and exemplifies steadfast leadership in driving climate action.


Elevating Credibility

Precise Decision-Making

Streamlined Assurance Process

Fortified Leadership

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Treefera's AI-Powered Solution empowers assurers to navigate the realm of carbon credit validation confidently.

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